Cape Coral, FL
Personal Project

Cape Coral is a city with a population of roughly 150.000 located in the metropolitan area of South West Florida. The city was wholly master planned by real-estate developers in the late 1950s to 1960s. From their plans, canals were dug and houses and roads were built.
Cape Coral struck me as an extraordinarily strange place when I first visited in 2011.

This feeling got stronger over the next visit and for the third visit I decided it was time to go there with the objective to capture the strangeness of the place with my camera.
After three weeks of endless drives through 120 square miles of canals and concrete I came back home with a few hundred images on my hard drive.
The selection I‘ve made shows how a planned city, it‘s population and natural influences collaborate to create something unique and somehow beautiful.

I think I probably love this place.